Have you been looking for a Martial Arts School or Training in Self Defense? Look no further! You can now earn your Black Belt with highly trained instructors with over 40 years of experience!


RecZone Indy at IAA
1002 W 25th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
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I hereby submit an application for admission of my child to the RecZone Dragon international Institute Program. Please complete the form below for each individual child submitted in the class.

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I understand that strict observation by me, of the rules and regulations of DRAGON INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE including the use of protective equipment, will largely eliminate the possibility of accident or injury, and I hereby represent that I am physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction and that I have had an opportunity to observe and participate in a martial arts lesson prior to the signing of this agreement. I have chosen and voluntarily agree to use the facilities, equipment and resources provided by DRAGON INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE at my own risk with knowledge of the risks involved. I further understand and agree that I release from liability and waive any and all claims or actions for personal injury or death or property damage or loss against Fusion Gymnastics Center and DRAGON INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE, its owners, officers, operators, employees and affiliated persons, whether caused by the fault, negligence, omission, or any other act however caused, of DRAGON INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE and Fusion Gymnastics Center.

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